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Check out the fringe events at Mayo Dark Sky Festival
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Events happening around Mayo in the week leading up to the 2023 Mayo Dark Sky Festival

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Please get in touch if you are planning an event in the week leading up to the Mayo Dark Sky Festival 2023. If the theme of the event is complementary to our ethos, we will happily promote it on our website!

Self-guided Solar System Walk

Bellacragher Boat Club

Claggan, County Mayo, F28 K652, Ireland

FREE but self-guided

from 31 Oct to 4 Nov

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Daylight hours

Have you ever wondered what the Solar System is really like only to be bewildered by some science program talking about vast distances that you can’t get your head around?

A Solar System Walk allows you to understand what it’s all about in a simple interactive stroll. In this walk, we imagine the Sun is 250mm in diameter, the size of a small football. At that size, the Solar System would be just over 1 km.

The planets are placed at the. correct scaled distances from the Sun and a picture of an everyday object is shown on the planet information board depicting its size in relation to the Sun (250mm). You could bring some of the everyday objects listed to help understand the scale, size, and distances involved or just use your imagination at each image.

The objects are paperclips, thumbtack, peppercorn, crayon, ballpoint pen, plum, a battery, blueberry and a pea or something of similar size. We are located at the Bellacragher Boat Club.

'Rise with the Herd'


Mulranny, County Mayo, Ireland


31 October 2022


Join us this Bank Holiday Monday to start the day with magical views of Clew Bay and our beautiful Old Irish Goat Herd! To Celebrate Mayo Dark Skies Festival (Nov 4 - 6) we are inviting a small group to come join us for this free Fringe event. The Mayo Dark Sky Festival celebrates Mayo's dark unpolluted skies with a feast of events themed around astronomy and space, as well as biodiversity, nature, arts and culture! Check out their event schedule @mayodarkskies
*Spaces are limited, this is to ensure your safety and the welfare of the herd. To book your spot please DM us and make sure to read the T&Cs!
• Please be aware the terrain may not be suitable for people with mobility issues. If in doubt pop us a message!
• Please wear suitably warm outdoor clothing, and footwear.
• This event is weather dependent, if the conditions are poor or unsafe we may need to reschedule!

Juanita's Talk

Mariner Hotel Westport

The Mariner, Westport, Mill Street, Cahernamart, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland


30 October 2022

2pm to 4pm

You have to listen to Juanita’s Talk – because it’s time we cleaned up our act!

Juanita’s Talk is an environmental show about plastic pollution by Ireland’s leading female clown Angelica Santander.

Juanita wants to lift the lid on your recycling bin. What should we do with all this plastic? Where does all that plastic we recycle actually go? What can we do to stop it? Juanita can’t answer these questions on her own – she needs you to help her. So she invites the audience to assist in fulfilling her quest for a plastic-free world. Using TedX style projections, music, dance and clowning, plastic pollution is tackled in an provocative, entertaining and ridiculous way. An important, urgent and utterly hilarious show full of hope for our future.

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Get in touch if you are planning an event in the week leading up to the Mayo Dark Sky Festival...

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