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Dr. Niamh Shaw

Niamh is an Irish space and science reporter, professional speaker, writer & communicator with 2 degrees in engineering & a PhD in science. Her life ambition is to one day report about space from space. In 2013 she decided to up-end her life, and be brave to pursue what she was truly passionate about: People, our Planet and our place in the Cosmos. And she wants people to join her in telling this story.

In November 2023, she will be a Women in STEM expedition member to the Antarctic with Homeward Bound to highlight climate change. In 2017 she was an analogue astronaut at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, and earlier this summer she was science communicator on a Mars analogue field trip in Botswana. All these experiences of living in extreme environments are a core part of her work in space science communications to help us better appreciate Earth's limited resources.

Sun 5 November


Space for Sustainability on Earth and beyond

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