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Éanna Ní Lamhna for festival

We were thrilled and delighted when Éanna Ní Lahmna, renowned botanist and broadcaster, confirmed she would be speaking at our festival 2-4 November.

Éanna will be talking about nocturnal animals. Some of these animals have adapted to be supremely able to manage - such as owls and bats who function much better in the dark. Some of these are out at night because it too dangerous for them during the day from us humans - animals such as foxes, badgers,deer, hedgehogs. Then there are those for whom the weather is more suitable at night - cooler and moister - so it’s just right for snails, slugs, earthworms and mosquitoes. It’s quieter at night so we hear corncrakes, snipe and nightjars, all birds looking for love. But some birds are out by mistake because they are fooled by city lights and think it is daytime - robins, blackbirds etc.

Sounds like a great talk!

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