31 October 2020
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Clodagh Doyle

Clodagh Doyle has been working with the Irish Folklife Collection of the National Museum of Ireland since 1995 and is now based at Turlough Park, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. She has a degree in Irish Folklore and Archaeology and her MA thesis is on the subject of Traditional Hearth Furniture.
She has curatorial responsibility for the Calendar Custom, Religion, Sport & Leisure, Childhood, Textiles, Ceramics & Glass Collections. She worked in the National Museum of Ireland’s Dublin sites and played a pivotal role in the inception, development and installation of the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life and the move of the Irish Folklife Collection to its new store and galleries in Co. Mayo in 2001.
She curated much of the permanent gallery displays and over thirty temporary exhibitions. With a love for folklore, ethnology, objects and the Museum, Clodagh was appointed Keeper of the Irish Folklife Division in 2020.

Masks and Mischief – Irish Halloween Traditions

16:00 GMT (UTC)

31 October 2020