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Join us in Newport, Mulranny and Ballycroy as we celebrate our dark skies with talks, workshops, walks, exhibitions and performances

"Let us raise children who can name more stars in the sky than stars on the screen"

The 2023 programme will be published in July/August 2023

Below are our 2022 speakers, performers and exhibitors...

Lighting Designer

Kerem Asfuroglu

Director, Vatican Observatory

Guy Consolmagno


Patrick Dexter Cello

Biodiversity Researcher

Colin Guilfoyle

Teddie Hwang and Yonit Kosovske

Aligning Music with the Stars - my journey into dark-sky multimedia

Professor of Theoretical High-Energy Astrophysics

Sera Markoff

Freediver and artist

Freediving in the Dark

Manager of Public Engagements, Institute of Physics & Astronomer Emeritus RO Greenwich

Brendan Owens


Rebecca Senior

Professor, School of Mathematics and Physics QUB

Exo Planets

Astronomer and writer

Understanding Gravitational Waves

Fiona Gryson and Berginald Rash


Professor of Biodiversity & Conservation, University of Exeter

Kevin Gaston

Writer and Broadcaster

Brian Harvey

Botanist and Broadcaster

Éanna ní Lamhna

Theoretical Physicist and Astrophotographer

Josh Mathews

Surf, Wildlife and Astro photographer

Aisling McGuire

Marine Ecologist

Conor Ryan

Head of Research at Munster Technological University and Head of BCO

Niall Smith

Sports Psychologist and Rower

Dr. Karen Weekes

Head Guide, WIld Nephin Ballycroy National Park

Michael Chambers

Newport Astronomy Club

Derek Dempsey FRAS

Freelance Illustrator, Visual Communicator & Sketchnote Artist

Rae Goddard

Teddie Hwang and Yonit Kosovske

Lantern Walk and Performance by Teddie Hwang and Yonit Kosovske

PR Consultant

Adrian Langan

Senior Science Advisor ESA

Mark McCaughrean

Conservation Biologist and Science Communicator

Marina Mulligan

Master Puppeteers

Miracle Puppets

Chasseurs de Nuits

Franck Séguin

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