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Conor Ryan

Conor Ryan is a Consultant Ecologist based in Westport, Co. Mayo. He holds a B.Sc in Marine Science and an M.Sc in Ecological Assessment. Conor has extensive experience in Science Communication with audiences of all ages and has delivered numerous marine and ecology themed field trips with primary schools in the west of Ireland.
He has accrued 12 years’ professional experience in habitat assessment and conservation in a range of marine, freshwater and terrestrial habitats. His current chief professional role is coordinating a Rhododendron control project in Bundorragha Catchment (Delphi Valley) in southwest Mayo. He has assisted local community groups in Westport and Mulranny with the formulation of Climate Action Plans and Biodiversity Action Plans. He also holds a part-time role as an Organic Aquaculture Inspector with the Organic Trust and has extensive experience in providing ecological guidance and technical support to marine food producers participating in Organic Certification Schemes and land owners participating in Biodiversity Enhancement Schemes.

Sun 5 November

Seashore Safari

Serious Man


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