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Eoin Warner

Eoin Warner is a wildlife documentary presenter in both the Irish and English languages and has presented some of Ireland’s foremost nature documentaries in recent years. In 2017 he was awarded two national media prizes for his work on "Éire Fhiáin". He has co-presented on the English-language documentary "A Wild Irish Year" and recently completed a three hour series titled "Ireland’s Wild Islands". Eoin is currently working with Crossing the Line Productions on a natural history documentary on the Burren.

Eoin grew up by the Atlantic Ocean in Bantry in West Cork and now lives in Galway. He is an avid free-diver and loves nothing more than to be in, on, or under the sea. Eoin has travelled extensively to explore our wildest places from Botswana to Antarctica and has a keen sense of our ecological responsiblities.

The Worlds within Ireland's Wild Island

Sat 4 November


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