31 October 2020
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Kerem Asfuroglu

Kerem Asfuroglu is a lighting designer, graphic artist and the founder of Dark Source - a lighting design studio driven by social and environmental values.

Following his graduation from Wismar University - Architectural Lighting Design MA in 2010, Asfuroglu has worked at Speirs+Major as a senior member of the creative team for almost 8 years. He worked on a diverse range of projects which include Battersea Power Station and Covent Garden Masterplans, Shakespeare's New Place, Medius House and City Point.

He won several awards including Red Dot, Vox Juventa, PLDC, LAMP and Future of Urban Lighting. He was awarded with the title of Dark Sky Defender by the IDA in 2017 for his works advocating the importance of darkness. He currently works on the Presteigne Dark Sky Masterplan in Wales. His graphic art has been commissioned by Penguin Random House, British Astronomical Association and published in Arc Magazine since 2013.

The Vision

20:00 GMT (UTC)

31 October 2020