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Teddie Hwang

Teddie is a flutist and photographer based in Mainz, Germany. She holds a Master Degree in Historical Flute Performance from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Netherlands, as well as a Bachelor Degree in Music and Germanic Studies from Indiana University USA. She is a winner of the Baroque Flute Artist Competition held by the National Flute Association of America, and has also adjudicated for its competitions. Performances and teaching have brought her to international venues, including numerous times to Ireland, notably the Galway Early Music Festival, Music in Kilkenny, and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick.
Teddie weaves the night and astrophotography into her musical activities. In addition to her multimedia concerts, she has also given talks for Mayo Dark Skies, DarkSky Switzerland, and the Berliner Nachtung, where she shows how the arts can contribute engagingly to night sky appreciation and awareness.

Sun 5 November

TALK 11:00

TALK: Aligning Music with the Stars - my journey into dark-sky multimedia

Serious Man


CONCERT: Discovering Light

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