31 October 2020
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Kate McAney

Kate McAney is Head of Conservation Development in Ireland with Vincent Wildlife Trust, a specialist NGO and a key player in research-led conservation interventions for a range of mammal species. She has been researching and actively conserving the lesser horseshoe bat in Ireland since the mid-1980s and has published many articles on the species, including editing ‘The Lesser Horseshoe Bat in Ireland’, a special supplement for the Irish Naturalists’ Journal. She manages the Trust’s twelve lesser horseshoe bat reserves located from Mayo to Kerry, which account for 30% of the Irish population, and liaises with a range of government departments, organisations and individuals on projects for the species. More recently she has overseen research projects on both the Irish stoat and pine marten.

Woodlands and ruins under dark skies – why County Mayo is so important for the lesser horseshoe bat

10:00 GMT (UTC)

31 October 2020