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Online booking closes TOMORROW

For those of you still considering your options, we would strongly recommend that you pre-book your tickets before travelling to the festival.

Online booking will close TOMORROW EVENING THURSDAY 26th OCTOBER at 9pm

Booking online means you can …

  1. Pay for your tickets by credit card – we have no mechanism for handling credit or debit card sales at the venues

  2. Guarantee your place at events with limited capacity (some events already fully booked out)

  3. Book tickets for multiple venues. The ticket desks at Newport, Mulranny and Ballycroy will only be selling tickets for events at those venues (so for example you will only be able to purchase tickets for Newport events in Hotel Newport etc.)

Don’t worry, we will still do our very best to look after you if you arrive without tickets, this is just to give you the best advice so that you can fully enjoy the festival!

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