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Thanks to everyone for making our first two days SO enjoyable and fun. We still have LOTS in store for you on our third and final day...

TALKS: 11:00 Mulranny - Teddie Hwang on Aligning Music with the Stars 11:30 Newport - Niamh Shaw on her upcoming STEM trip to Antarctica 12:00 Mulranny - Kate MacAney on why bats are nocturnal and the impact of light pollution on them 14:00 Mulranny - Freediver Nina McGowan tells us why she wants it darker 14:30 Newport - Jeremy Rigney on the Sun and Low Mass Stars 16:00 Newport - Chris Watson (the Planet Hunter) on the latest news about Exo-Planets

WALKS: 14:00 - choice of guided walk at Ballycroy Visitor Centre with head guide Michael Chambers, or a Seashore Safari on Mulranny Beach with Conor Ryan

WORKSHOPS: 10am Newport - Buying your first telescope with Stephen from KTec Telescopes 12:00 Ballycroy VC - Introduction to stargazing for children

PLANETARIUM SHOWS @ Newport NS 11:00 | 11:30 | 12:00 | 12:30 | 14:00 | 14:30 | 15:00

FINALE! 18:30 Newport - Lantern Walk to St Patricks Church, followed by concert featuring Teddie Hwang on flute and Yonit Kosovske on harpsichord




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